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Features and Strengths

Kitakyushu Factory

Our semiconductor and liquid crystal business segment is involved with chemical liquids for etching used in the manufacturing processes for semiconductors and liquid crystal panels.
Stella Chemifa's high purity chemical agents are indispensable for manufacturing semiconductors.
We are proud of the top market share that we have earned both in Japan and overseas.

From supercomputers to rice cookers and toys, semiconductors are incorporated into all fields, now more than ever.
Hydrofluoric acid is used in important processes such as etching and cleaning of silicon wafers during the manufacturing processes for semiconductors.
With recent advancements in miniaturization technology, extremely high levels of purity are demanded of the chemical agents being used, with extreme measures taken to remove the fine dust and impurities.

Far surpassing conventional norms in the industry, Stella Chemifa has developed and secured its refining technology on its own and has succeeded in achieving high purity refining of over 12N(99.9999999999%).
Along with the market growth in the semiconductor and electronic device industries, in 2014 we opened a new plant in Kitakyushu City in Fukuoka Prefecture. This was in order to build a stable supply chain in anticipation of our efforts to bolster our production capacity and in preparation for any large-scale disasters that might occur.
Production capacity has surpassed 90,000 tons annually in two domestic locations and one overseas. This earned us a high degree of trust from semiconductors manufacturers around the world.

Main Products

We have succeeded in elevating our high purity refining to the "ppt" and "ppq" levels, realizing a dramatic improvement in functionality over conventional hydrofluoric acid.

* ppt: Parts Per Trillion (1 in 1 trillion)
* ppq: Parts Per Quadrillion (1 in 1 quadrillion)

In the manufacturing processes for semiconductors and FPDs, ultra-high purity chemical agents are used not only in methods to remove oxide film. We handle various grades of ultra-high chemical agents capable of responding to demands for a variety of cleaning abilities and functionality, including the suppression of particle adhesion and control over increases in wafer surface roughness.

Product Names (Semiconductors and Liquid Crystal-Related)Applications
Ultra High Purity Hydrofluoric Acid chemical agents used in wet etching and wet cleaning of silicon wafers in the manufacturing of semiconductors and solar batteries.
Ultra High Purity Buffered Hydrogen Fluoride chemical agents which can be blended at an optional mix ratio of 50% HF aqueous solution and 40% NH4F aqueous solution.
LAL Buffered Hydrogen Fluoride chemical agents which can achieve the advantages of uniform etching and cleaning and increasing the service life of the chemical agents. This is accomplished by reducing NH4F concentration to around 17 to 20%, about half of ordinary products, and optimizing reaction with silicon oxide film and improving wettability on the board processing with the addition of surfactant.