Corporate Ethics

STELLA CHEMIFA CORPORATION has established the following Code of Conduct to contribute to developing a sustainable future, by establishing corporate ethics and seeking harmony with society and the global environment.

1. General Principle

Responsibility of officers and employees

Officers and employees shall acknowledge that it is their role to realize the spirit of this Code of Conduct, and, by setting a good example for others to follow, ensure that all parties involved are made thoroughly familiar with its content.

Principle of conduct

In all aspects of management, we will comply with all laws and ordinances in good faith and act with a high sense of ethics and social conscience.

2. Human Rights/Labor

Prohibition of forced labor and child labor

We will not use non-voluntary labor by compulsion or restraint, nor employ individuals who do not meet the minimum working age. We will not impose unreasonable restrictions on the free movement of employees in our facilities. We will not demand that workers hand over their passport, identification card, or work permit as a condition of employment.Furthermore, we will not require employees to pay any fees associated with employment.

Compliance with labor laws

We will comply with labor laws concerning wages and working hours.

Respect for human rights and elimination of discrimination

We will respect the laws, culture, history, religion, and customs of the countries and regions in which we operate and will eliminate all forms of discrimination in employment.

Respect for the right to organize

We will respect the right of workers to form and participate in labor unions in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Realization of employees' comfort and prosperity

We will strive to realize the comfort and prosperity of our employees in terms of their finances, mental health, and time, through the improvement of working conditions.

Creation of workplaces that encourage individuality and ability

In addition to respecting the human rights of all employees, we will strive to create workplaces in which they can display their individuality, motivation, and abilities to the fullest.

3. Health and Safety

Safety at the workplace

We will consider the safety of operations at the workplace and strive to prevent workplace accidents. On detecting faults or signs of danger in any machinery or equipment, the necessary safety measures will be taken immediately. To ensure the safety of our employees, we will educate our staff to adhere strictly to the rules such as those regarding the use of protective equipment.

Emergency response

Drills and other training will be conducted to minimize damage and bring the situation under control in the event of a large-scale disaster or industrial accident. In addition to raising accident prevention awareness among employees, we will endeavor to educate them from the perspectives of business restoration and continuity.

Health and safety at workplace facilities

We will strive to maintain the facilities provided to our employees in a clean and safe condition.

4. Environment and Quality

Commitment to environmental issues

We recognize the importance of environmental issues and will actively address the following matters. Effective utilization of resources/Recycling of resources/Energy conservation/Reduction of waste generated in the manufacturing process/other environmental concerns

Response to environmental pollution

The manufacturing process will be stopped immediately if environmental contamination occurs and the cause will be investigated. Machine operation will be suspended until the cause of such pollution is determined.

Provision of safe, quality products

Based on our superior technical capabilities and rich experience, we will develop and manufacture safe, quality products that are of benefit to society and provide them to our business partners and consumers. We recognize that ensuring safety is a social obligation and we will strive to ensure the proper management of chemical substances and the safety and safe handling of our products and services.

5. Ethics

Interaction with local communities

As a good corporate citizen, we will strive to deepen our interaction with the local communities and endeavor to contribute to society through participation in local social activities and other means.

Relationship with anti-social forces

We will resolutely confront anti-social forces and organizations that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society and will thoroughly block any kind of relationship with such actors.

Relationship with political groups and the government

We will maintain a sound and normal relationship with political groups and the government. We will not engage in illegal political contributions, the extension of illegal benefits, or bribery.

Fair trading

We will conduct sound business activities based on fair and free competition. We will not employ dishonest methods in our sales activities.

Prohibition of abuse of dominant bargaining position

In dealings with subcontractors, we will not engage in unfair transactions by misusing our dominant bargaining position.

Respect for intellectual property

In the development, production, sale, and provision of our products and services, we will conduct ample preliminary surveys of third parties' intellectual property and we will not use such intellectual property without permission.

Responsible procurement of minerals

Our policy is to not procure for use in the manufacture of our products any minerals that would benefit forces engaged in serious human rights violations in conflict-affected regions.

6. Information management and disclosure

Provision of company information

We will provide corporate information as appropriate to our stakeholders, including business partners, consumers, shareholders, and investors.

Preparation of accurate financial statements

We will prepare accurate financial statements based on appropriate systems for internal control.

Proper indication of product information

We will correctly indicate the quality, contents, and other information regarding the products being provided.

Appropriate use of information systems

Pursuant to the relevant regulations, we will use our computer systems only for company operations and we will not engage in misconduct such as unauthorized intrusions into systems, damage or falsification of data, or the unauthorized use of software.

Protection of personal information

We will handle the personal information of third parties such as employees and business partners, made known to us in the course of our business operations, with the strictest care in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and its guidelines.