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Potassium Fluorosilicate

  • Raw materials for agricultural chemicals, enamel frits, optical lenses, and synthetic mica
  • Coating material for welding rods, chrome-plating, and fluxes and opacifiers for glass

Fluoroboric Acid

  • Manufacture of borofluoride
  • Pre-treatment agent for borofluoride plating, and pH control agents for borofluoride plating baths
  • Raw materials for manufacture of borofluoride diazonium compounds as intermediates for synthesizing aromatic fluoride compounds
  • Catalysts, etc. for organic synthesis and fluoridation

Tin Fluoroborate

  • Electrolytes for high-speed tin plating, and electrolytes for solder and alloy plating along with lead fluoroborate

Copper Fluoroborate

  • Electrolytes for thick electrolytic plating, such as for high-speed copper plating bathes and gravure printing rolls

Lead Fluoroborate

  • Electrolytes for solder and alloy plating and electrolytic plating of lead, for printed circuit boards, etc.

Zinc Fluoroborate

  • High-speed lead plating baths
  • Hardening catalysts for resin raw materials for 3W processing of cotton cloth

Sodium Fluoroborate

  • Metal particle size conditioning agents and refinement fluxes for aluminum
  • Magnesium depleting agents for refining aluminium scraps
  • Metallic surface treatment

Potassium Fluoroborate

  • Raw materials for flux compounds for brazing, welding, etc.
  • Silver welding fluxes
  • Magnesium depleting agents for refining aluminium scraps
  • Refinement agents for light metals
  • Additives for porclain, whetstone, paper whetstone, etc.

Ammonium Hydrogenfluoride

  • Pickling of stainless steel and aluminium
  • Frosting (delustering) of light bulbs, cathode tube, and glass
  • Descaling of boiler compounds and automobiles radiators
  • Surface treatment agents, etc. for various metal

Sodium Fluoride

  • Fluxing agents for iron, steel, aluminum, etc.
  • Insecticides, fungicides, and preservatives for wood
  • Flouride additives for tap water
  • Emulsifiers for enamel
  • Anthelmintics for livestock
  • Casein glue
  • Medication to prevent tooth decay
  • Flouride additives for dentifrices

Potassium Fluoride

  • Fluorinating agents for organic synthesis
  • Fluxes for high-quality glass, etc.
  • For tantalum metal synthesis
  • Catalysts and dehydrating agents as base in organic reactions
  • For aluminium welding rods

Ammonium Fluoride

  • Glass etching
  • Metallic surface treatment
  • Etching auxiliary agents for semiconductors

Potassium Hexafluorozirconate

  • Electrolyte composition when electrorefining metal zirconium
  • Additives for casting aluminium and magnesium
  • Flame retardants

Potassium Hexafluorotitanate

  • Titanium refinement
  • Additives for fluxes and titanium for aluminium alloy castings
  • Crystal grain size improving agents for aluminum
  • Gelling agents, etc. for rubber
  • Dental materials

Refined Calcium Fluoride A Grade

  • Composition of welding fluxes
  • Fluxes for metal refinement
  • Glass (lenses) materials

Potassium Hexafluorophosphate

  • Pigments, optical modeling materials (3D-CAD), cationic light polymerization reaction

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