Management Philosophy / Company Motto / Corporate Slogan

Management Philosophy

1. A Sound and Reliable Company

With the utmost consideration to the health and safety of our employees, we will build a company that is sound and continues to be reliable.

2. Pursuit of Technology

We will maintain our attitude of pursuing technological innovation.

3. Wisdom and Creativity

With an expansive vision, we will be creative and innovative with wisdom and strive to create new value.

4. Spirit of Challenge

All our employees will unite as one as they strive to achieve our goals with a strong sense of purpose.

Company Motto

1. Be healthy

2. Be loyal

3. Be brave

4. Cultivate wisdom

5. Be responsible

Corporate Slogan

Beyond the Chemical More than Chemical, beyond Chemical

Stella Chemifa celebrated its 100-year anniversary in February 2016.
Up until now, we had ridden the wave of high economic growth and continued to reap profits with chemical products as our base.
However, as many markets reached maturity along with the development of the Japanese economy, it has become difficult to sustain growth relying only on conventional chemical business.
"Beyond the Chemical" does not mean forsaking chemistry. We are drawing upon the strengths in the chemical field whose growth we have nurtured so far and moving toward even greater development in the future, a reflection of our resolve to embark upon a new 100 year journey.
Furthermore, this slogan does not mean we will be blindly pursuing profits. It embraces the sentiment that we aim to create products that will make people happy, and as a result build a company with higher corporate value.