High-purity Chemical Business

Leading-Edge Technology Supported by Pursuing the Possibilities of Fluorine

Atomic number: 9 , Chemical symbol: F. With its extremely high reactivity, fluorine has created a wide variety of chemical compounds and is at work in all industrial fields. Stella Chemifa took sight of its functionality at an early stage and has expanded the possibilies for fluorine, while developing a large number of our own technologies for fluorine.

Regarding our key semiconductor-related business, we provide cleaning and etching chemicals used in the manufacturing process of semiconductors.
Semiconductors are incorporated into all types of electronic devices. Currently, the data centers have been established or expanded with the background of the spread of cloud services, and the conversion to electrification and automation is predicted in the automobile industry. Thus, the market of semiconductors is expected to further expand in the future.
Our ultra-high-purity hydrofluoric acid, indispensable for semiconductor manufacturing processes, is highly evaluated not only in Japan but also by semiconductor manufacturers worldwide.

Regarding the energy-related business, we manufacture and sale the additives that improve the performance of lithium-ion secondary batteries and enriched boron (boron-10) used at atomic energy related facilities.
The demand for the additive is anticipated to increase in the EV (electric vehicle) market, which is expected to grow in the future, and the research and development department is also working on the development for the next generation batteries while looking at post lithium ion batteries.
Carbon neutral, reducing carbon dioxide emissions to effectively zero, has become a global issue, and some countries are considering the introduction and expansion of nuclear power plants. Under this circumstance, the contribution of enriched boron (boron-10) to the safety of nuclear power plants is gaining favor, and the demand is anticipated to grow in the overseas markets.

In addition, our fluorine compounds are indispensable in the manufacturing processes for products in a broad variety of fields as catalysts during the intermediate manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, Additives for toothpaste. In anticipation of their expanding application, we are conducting research and development activities and pioneering new markets.