High-purity Chemical Business

Leading-Edge Technology Supported by Pursuing the Possibilities of Fluorine

Atomic number: 9 , Chemical symbol: F. With its extremely high reactivity, fluorine has created a wide variety of chemical compounds and is at work in all industrial fields. Stella Chemifa took sight of its functionality at an early stage and has expanded the possibilies for fluorine, while developing a large number of our own technologies for fluorine.

Our company's main businesses, those related to semiconductors and liquid crystals has been involved with chemical liquids for etching and similar items used in the manufacturing processes for semiconductors and liquid crystals. Incorporated into every type of electronic device, the market for semiconductors still continues to expand even today. Our ultra-high purity hydrofluoric acid, indispensable in their manufacturing processes, is highly evaluated by semiconductor manufacturers, not only in Japan but around the world.

As battery-related products, we manufacture additives to improve the performance of lithium-ion secondary batteries, and distribute electrolytes for lithium-ion secondary batteries. Widely used with mobile phones, notebook computers and other digital tools in today's modern age, demand in the battery field is expected to increase even further with the use of EVs (electric vehicles) with the anticipated expansion of their market.

Our Surface Treatment-Related Business produces chemical liquids used in acid washing of stainless steel and making liquid crystal displays thinner. Along with the development and popularity of mobile tools, the need to make liquid crystal displays thinner has intensified. There has also been a recent increase in the demand for hydrofluoric acid with its ability to dissolve glass.

In addition, our fluorine compounds are indispensable in the manufacturing processes for products in a broad variety of fields as raw materials for fluorine resin, catalysts during the intermediate manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, as well as ingredients in toothpaste. In anticipation of their expanding application, we are conducting research and development activities and pioneering new markets.