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Tank Trucks for Hydrofluoric Acid
Tank Trucks for Hydrofluoric Acid

In the surface treatment business segment, we manufacture hydrofluoric acid for use in acid washing of stainless steel and making liquid crystal displays thinner.
By using hydrofluoric acid to acid wash stainless steel, dirt adhering to the surface and scales from welding can be removed.
In addition, the use of hydrofluoric acid also greatly improves the surface's ability to resist corrosion, and has been used for many years from manufacturers of iron, steel, and metal.

The number of applications to make the liquid crystal displays of smartphones and tablet PCs thinner (known as "slimming") has increased dramatically in recent years.
The popularity of smartphones and tablet PCs spreads with remarkable speed. The need for slimmer and lighter liquid crystal displays continues to increase along with the expanding market.
With this as a backdrop, the amount of hydrofluoric acid used increases each year, and from a handling and safety management perspective, demand for more sophisticated technology is increasing for high-concentration hydrofluoric acid.

Using our expertise in handling hydrofluoric acid over many years, we have been able to establish a rapid and stable supply of the product, along with educating our staff regarding its transportation and safe handling.

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Product Name (Surface Treatment-Related)Applications
55% hydrofluoric acid Transparent, colorless liquid. Hydrofluoric acid is used in industrial and other applications because of its extremely high reaction activity.